Dojo Kyle for Children and Teens 

The Dojo Kyle Jiu-Jitsu System is unique because it is easy to learn and fun, making it perfect for children. But make no mistake; our students learn excellent self-defense skills starting with how to avoid confrontation and non-violent conflict resolution. For improving performance in sports and school, or instilling virtues that society wants, Dojo Kyle is the right choice for your child.


No other activity can compare with jiu-jitsu training when it comes to instilling confidence, except maybe joining the U.S. Military. As students progress in rank, the confidence instilled enables a student to excel in all areas of life. Difficult tasks, trials and tribulations, and seemingly insurmountable obstacles are no longer greeted with reluctance. Jiu-Jitsu deters kids from getting into fights when they portray a noticeable aura of confidence. Just like burglars try not to rob houses with alarms, bullies avoid picking on kids who are sure of themselves. Future employers, school teachers, coaches, etc. will recognize someone with confidence and choose them over others. Only a few years of jiu-jitsu training at Dojo Kyle will provide kids with a lasting confidence that allows them to become happier, more productive members of society come adulthood.  photo-2

Each belt that a student earns presents a new challenge that your child will learn to meet and exceed. As we prepare him or her to progress to a new belt color, the student’s skill level improves and confidence grows. Our parents tell us this gives their children an unshakable confidence that improves all areas of their kids’ lives. Fear of socializing, public speaking, and test taking subsides which indirectly raises grades. Kids even gain the confidence to say NO to peer pressure. As a child journeys towards the goal of black belt, an increasing level of confidence will become noticeable to many.

Self-Discipline/ Impulse Control

Parents tell us that one of the main benefits that they see right away is the improvement in their child’s discipline and self-control. Our school has an experienced staff of professional, patient instructors who are great with children. We have fun with the kids but we also set clear limits and boundaries on acceptable behavior. Instructors insist that students maintain this disciplined lifestyle at home, in school, and elsewhere.

Dojo Kyle instructors have found the right balance between fun and discipline, which keeps kids interested often through teenage years into adulthood. It is this precise balance, coupled with consistent, high energy classes that keep our retention so high. We always try to end each class on a high note, so kids can’t wait to come back for more!


Dojo Kyle Jiu-Jitsu is especially beneficial for kids who are prone to quitting things. If this is the case with your child, then he/ she really needs our program. We instill the perseverance necessary to finish what they start, especially during times of increased difficulty. Whatever the previous commitment experience of your child, you need not worry.

Superior Attitude = Black Belt Excellence 

We teach that jiu-jitsu belt ranks represents excellence. Instructors emphasize this every class, every belt and beyond. Eventually the kids begin to ask themselves, “How would a black belt listen to the teacher? How would a black belt do this assignment? How would a black belt behave for mom?” This is a powerful motivator that often makes massive changes in the behavior and attitude of children.



Dojo Kyle Jiu-Jitsu teaches kids to respect their parents, teachers, instructors, siblings and elders. We have a code of ethics that creates a courteous, well-rounded child, that appreciates life and knows how to treat others and their belongings.

  Learning Disabilities such as ADD/ ADHD

Many doctors actually recommend jiu-jitsu as an alternative or supplement to medication and therapy to kids who are diagnosed with learning disabilities, such as ADD/ ADHD. It may even help kids who have minor personality disorders, or have problems associating with other children.

 Passive/ Aggressive

Kids who are aggressive become more subdued and passive through Dojo Kyle’s training program, and those who are shy become more assertive. It has a moderating effect that creates an overall better child with greater potential in life.

Fitness and Athletic Improvement

Whether your child needs to get in shape, or is an all-star athlete, Dojo Kyle Jiu-Jitsu will take them to a whole new level of physical achievement. The techniques we teach work literally every body part, while sharpening the mind to a crisp focus athletes refer to as “the zone.” This causes kids to excel in sports like baseball, soccer, and football. Kids get in shape fast while having the time of their lives. Dojo Kyle students find they are no longer picked last for the kickball team! Many martial artists go on to college level sports and even pro teams.

Self-defense to AVOID Getting Picked on or Bullied

We’ll teach your child to protect him or herself in a safe and supportive manner. Your child will be taught not only what to do, but when to use these skills. With the knowledge to defend oneself comes great responsibility. Dojo Kyle students are trained NOT to misuse the martial arts, even when fooling around with their friends in a friendly setting.

Hopefully, your child never has to use it. The confidence he or she gains from knowing martial arts will deter most potential bullies. We do not train to fight. We train so we do not have to fight!

Even more common than bullies are cruel kids who find it necessary to pick on others. Dojo Kyle Jiu-Jitsu instills the confidence that prevents your child from becoming a target, and the tools to deal with any situation without resorting to violence.

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